A Tribute to Some Very Special Animal Friends
Pedro was a retired school pony who had only
been with us for three years when he died
unexpectedly from a reaction to his rabies shot
on August 2, 1995. During that short time,
Pedro had won a place in the hearts of all who
knew him. His loss has left a big void on the
farm. Pedro carried the smallest of riders with
a slow and steady step. We will always be
grateful that he entered our lives, albeit too
We purchased Bonnie at Creighton Hemphill's, a
horse dealership in Vassalboro. Bonnie was
appropriately destined for the summer camp program,
but we were determined to buy her. She has helped
young riders with their first show experiences and
has been an integral part of Community Studies, an
annual program of community-based activities
offered through the local middle school.
                                Star of Marmede
             (White's Kentucky Colonel x Supreme Claudette)
                                      b.  5/30/54
Star was our first registered Shetland pony.  He was seven years old when
my parents purchased him from Harold Jackson of Belfast, Maine.
Unfortunately, I don't think we ever transferred the papers to our family.
 He was a lovely stallion with a great personality and a trustworthy
attitude. We had a lot of fun driving him and riding him around the farm.
We also showed him in model classes and in driving classes.  Rebecca would
love to hear any information about Star's relatives.  According to the
online studbook, White's Kentucky Colonel sired over forty ponies.  
Prefixes appearing numerous times include Wild Shamrock's and Romberg's
- hope that helps a bit.
We won Tex at a horse show when Rebecca was in the third
grade. My parents bought seventeen tickets for that pony
raffle. We were so excited to hear our name called as the
winner. After Tex arrived at our house, my parents made
arrangements for some saddle and harness training. Tex turned
out to be a wonderful pony with a heart of gold. He is pictured
in the Waldoboro Day Parade with David Sproul and Celia Lash
Briggs in the wagon.
Our beloved Buffy was laid to rest on January 11.
2007.  Countless students worked with Buffy
during years of Community Studies, an annual
program of community-based activities offered
through the local middle school.  Her kind and
gentle personality inspired confidence in the
hearts of young people as they bathed and brushed
her or practiced leading her.    
And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and
not to men.                  -Colossians 3:23