Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness,
And for His wonderful works to the children of men!      Psalm 107:31
Knight's Bright Enterprise
(Supreme Surprise x Jet's Painted Lady)
ASPC 137717A
b. 6/9/88
Knight's Bright Enterprise
AGS Caseo
ASPC 145389A
(Knight's Bright Enterprise
x Pony Vista's Marvel Memory)
b. 6/12/96
Knight's Brite-N-Shiny
ASPC 142433A
(Knight's Bright Enterprise
x Knight's Tiny & Shiny)
b. 6/2/94
Knight's Tennessee Tuxedo
ASPC 143448A
(Knight's Bright Enterprise
x Knight's Bad Betty)
b. 6/7/95
AGS She's A Doll
(Knight's Bright Enterprise
x Barry's Sparkling Star)
ASPC 143535A
b. 7/7/95
G3S Arch Rival
ASPC 141369A
b. 5/28/93
Exciting news from Kathy Thibeault of Rhode Island!  
Her Red Rock mare has just produced a lovely 2005
filly by Knight's Bright Enterprise. Thanks for the
photos, Kathy!  
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last updated on
June 23, 2007
Supreme Surprise
Sire of Knight's Bright Enterprise
Moose Meadow Bright Spot
(Knight's Bright Enterprise
x Moose Meadow Miss Congeliali-Te)
2004 Colt
Moose Meadow Kendra
(In Memory of Ken Thomas)
Knight's Bright Enterprise x
Moose Meadow Sweet-Te Pie
b. June 15, 2007
Moose Meadow Bright Idea
(Knight's Bright Enterprise
x Moose Meadow Sweet-Te Pie)
b. 2006