AGS Caseo

AGS Caseo
(Knight's Bright Enterprise x Pony Vista's Marvel Memory)
ASPC 145389A
b. 6/12/96
Full sister to AGS Gizmo, AGS Oreo, and AGS Cameo
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Moose Meadow Felici-Te
(Knight's To-A-Te x AGS Caseo)
b. 2003 filly
Owned by Sharon Holmes and
Karen LeBlanc of Cushing, Maine
Moose Meadow Capital Te
(Knight's To-A-Te x AGS Caseo)
Shown winning the Classic Country Driving
Championship at the 2003 Shetland Congress
Bill Eperthener, Whip
2005 Colt
Moose Meadow Chamomile Te
(Knight's To-A-Te x AGS Caseo)
b. 2004 filly
The joy of the LORD is your strength.
                   -Nehemiah 8:10

Moose Meadow Lady Liber-Te
(Knight's To-A-Te x AGS Caseo)
Owned by Anthony Rizza
St. James, New York
2006 National Champion Modern Country Pleasure
2006 National Grand Champion Modern Country Pleasure
Shown by E Training Stable