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updated July
7, 2011
Michael Sproul works his team of oxen.  
Charlie and Barbara stop for a visit.
We miss Danny Scott
and hope he is feeling
much better now.  He is
a fabulous worker and a
great friend. Danny is
the owner of a mare by
Knight's To-A-Te and the
gelding Moose Meadow
Bright Spot.
Nicole stops by for a visit. This well-mannered stallion
is the sire of the colt pictured below.  The dam is a
Shetland mare that Nicole purchased from Janet
June 29, 2005
Today Bruce Dunbar told us that
he will be getting a new job and
won't be delivering our shavings
any longer.  We will miss his
friendly nature and warm smile.  
Thanks, Bruce, for years of great
July 2009  Bruce is back!  Yeah!
A.D. Gray Boys' Baseball Team wins the 2005 Busline
League Championship under the great coaching of
Rich Ferris.  Our nephew Micah was the catcher.
A marvelous sculpture by Brian Read of
Washington, Maine!  We contributed
some horseshoes for this piece.
Rich Ferris, the "Coastal Cowboy," takes a brief
ride on his pony, Moose Meadow Liber-Te Belle.
Rich is now teaching physical education.
Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my
heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my
strength and my Redeemer.  Psalm 19:14
Cathy and Mark McDevitt own a
Shetland mare and a Miniature
Horse mare. They are awaiting a
2006 foal by Knight's To-A-Te.
Robin Cohen holds Ginger Te
after winning a Reserve Model
Championship - ponies and
horses together. Robin boards
her Arabian, Spike, and her
pony, Rhett Butler, with us.
Robin is such a big help - I don't
think we could run the farm
without her!
We truly appreciate the ministry of Pastor
Mark Holden at the North Waldoboro
Church of the Nazarene.  Congratulations
on your recent ordination, Pastor Mark.
Ricky and Gloria Hilt
June 18, 2006
Albert and Doc
Doc is a two-year-old
gelding by Moose Meadow
Model-Te out of a grade
Hackney mare.
Emma on Moose Meadow Liber-Te Belle
David and Barbara Henderson stop
by for a visit.  We first met them
seven years ago when they were
students at the Downeast School
of Massage.  They used to walk
along a trail that followed the
back of our pasture.  That led to
our acquaintance with them.  How
nice to see them again after so
many years!
Moose Meadow Peppermint
with Matthew
Congratulations to
Ricky Hilt on his
25-year retirement
from the Coast Guard!