Horse Shows
Moose Meadow Capital Te
(Knight's To-A-Te x AGS Caseo)
Cappy is shown winning the Classic Country Driving
Stake at the 2003 Shetland Congress.  He was shown by
Bill Eperthener of E Training Stables for Jean Ruhan of
Mendon, Massachusetts.  Cappy is now owned by
Melinda Doan of Pick Pocket Farms.
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updated August 4, 2005.
Swan Fair Victory at a Tri-County Horseshow in
Union, Maine
Moose Meadow Pret-Te Woman
wins the Model Pony class at the
Saddlebred of Maine Show!  Thanks, Mandy,
for sending the photos!
Emma Blue with Lindsey
(Knight's To-A-Te x Miss Molly)
Moose Meadow Te-Bird
(Knight's To-A-Te x Knight's Magic Queen)
Izzi hugs Jango as Mandy looks on.
The things which are impossible with men are
possible with God.       Luke 18:27