Isaac John Lash
Isaac Lash is the son of my sister
and brother-in-law, Lorraine and
Stephen Lash. Isaac graduated
from high school in 2004 and is now
fully employed as a lobsterman.  He
is a very industrious young man.  
Check out the pictures of his new
lobster boat in the launch sequence
on the home page.
This page was last
updated April 18, 2005.
Isaac was featured in the Bachelor
Lobstermen of Maine calendar for 2003.
Mr. Powell prepares to tow the Big Dipper from
the shop near Isaac's house.  Isaac and his dad
built the boat with the help of friends.
Mr. Powell expertly backs down
the road toward the Bradford
Point landing where about forty
friends and family members
are waiting.
Isaac climbs the ladder and
boards his boat as it nears
the launch area.
Sarah Lash, Isaac's sister,
prepares to christen the boat
with a bottle of champagne - a
gift from the bank.
The Northern Lights prepares to tow the Big
The Northern Lights and the Big Dipper
are about to disappear around the point.
My sister, Lorraine, made a
cute cake to celebrate the
event. People really enjoyed
her warm cinnamon buns on
that very cool morning!  As
usual, the molasses whoopie
pies were a great "hit!"
Friends and family members
contributed many tasty food
items as well.
The boats are now approaching
the Lash Wharf in Friendship
The Big Dipper arrives at the Lash
wharf.  I didn't get still pictures
of the crowd, but people continued
to arrive throughout the day. They
gathered and lingered to enjoy the
food and friendly atmosphere. Boat
rides were offered once the
mechanics arrived around 2:00 p.m.
to start the engine for the first
Wow!  Isaac Lash's new lobster boat
is beautiful.  Rebecca headed to
Friendship on the morning of April 16
to be on hand for the 5:30 a.m.
launching. Many friends and family
gathered for the event.  Fine food and
wonderful fellowship were enjoyed by
all! See some pictures below.
For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly
wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.
                           -Philippians 3:20                  
Isaac and his sister, Hannah.
Christmas 2006