July Photos
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Moose Meadow Magic Moment
(Moose Meadow Model Te x Doubletake's
Whispering Wind of GLF)
Named in memory of his grand-dam
Knight's Magic Lee
who was laid to rest on July 17th - the same day that
this colt was born.
Doubletake's Whispering Wind of GLF
b. 5-25-98
(Bar-G's Doubletake x J-J's Painted Sweet
Lee's Cottentail (by Bullseye)
3  1/2 days old
Mike and Rebecca
Married for 36 years
July 4, 1971
Robin giving a lesson on Rhett.
Elizabeth Sproul brought us
a delicious strawberry pie!
Yum! Yum!
Pete Eisener brought his new
fencing equipment and pounded the
posts right into the ground.  Thank
you, Pete!
Michael Sproul cut down the spruce trees and chipped a
lot of branches for us.  Thanks, Michael!
To-A-Te willingly shares the
grain bucket with his son.  
Doc is by Model Te out of a grade
Hackney mare - owned by Albert
Former Students
Melissa, Deannah, and Mariah
What a joy to see them!
Melissa and Matthew
Jean Ruhan sent a puppy picture
from the recent litter.  Precious!
Mike has been working on some new
fencing.  As usual, Sarah is asking a lot
of questions!  Sarah will be pursuing a
Master's Degree in Nutrition in the fall.
Silas has come to live with us.
10 days
Aren't you proud of Whisper!