Mares and Fillies
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August 25, 2009
AGS Caseo
(Knight's Bright Enterprise x Pony Vista's
Marvel Memory)
ASPC 145389A
b. 6/12/96
Full sister to AGS Gizmo, AGS Cameo, and
AGS Oreo
Moose Meadow Ginger Te
(Knight's To-A-Te x Knight's Bright Eyes)
ASPC 148753A
b. 8/22/98
Full sister to Pekoe Te, Te-For-Two, and
Might-Te Mouse
Moose Meadow Miss Congeniali-Te
(Knight's To-A-Te x Miss America First
Runner Up)
ASPC 145514B
b. 5/7/97
Moose Meadow Te-Ara
(Knight's To-A-Te x Miss America First
Runner Up)
ASPC 148754B
b. 8/17/98
Knight's Magic Lee
(Pony Vista's Hi-Lee x Larigo's Magic Cloudine)
ASPC 133771A
b. 5/24/81
Shown with Moose Meadow Model Te
Welcome to Cloee and
Whisper, daughters of
Bar-G's Doubletake.  Thank
you, Janet.  The girls send
their love!
April 9, 2006
Knight's Justastar (a.k.a. Teddy)
(Pony-Vista's King Supreme x Shee Whiz)
ASPC 142284A
b. 6/15/94
Shown with Moose Meadow Double
Miss America First Runner Up
(Imperial Fairy's High Flyer x Rangemore's
Miss America '67)
ASPC 133628B
b. 6/30/81
Shown with Moose Meadow Te-N-T
Knight's Step N Hi
(Pony-Vista's Hi-Lee x Spring Acres
Step 'N' Pretty)
ASPC 141657A
b. 4/30/93
Knight's Brite N Shiny
(Knight's Bright Enterprise
x Knight's Tiny & Shiny)
ASPC 142433A
b. 6/2/94
Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the
life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me.    
John 14:6
Moose Meadow Dain-Te Miss
a.k.a. Pocket Pony
(Knight's To-A-Te x Knight's Magic Lee
Moose Meadow Iced Te
(Knight's To-A-Te x Knight's Magic Lee)
ASPC 148752A
b. 5/30/98
Full sister to Model Te, Te-Bird, and
Dain-Te Miss
Doubletake's Whispering Wind of GLF