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A nice Blue Wheaten Pullet shown
by Allison Flagg of Nobleboro.  
Mike chats with Dr. Gibbs at the New
Hampshire poultry show.
Mike is very pleased with
his gift of a colored pencil
original which Allison
presented him at the New
Hampshire Poultry Show.
Larry Peaslee catches a "few winks" at the
poultry show.  Larry's mind is just brimming with
creative ideas - no wonder he has to take a little
Black Old English cock shown by Myron Lash
was Champion Bantam and Show Champion at
Fryeburg Fair in 2003.
Oh, give thanks to the LORD!  Call upon His name; Make known
His deeds among the peoples!              Psalm 105:1
Champion Rosecomb Clean-leg
Silver Sebright Hen
New Hampshire Poultry Show 2006
Shown by Myron Lash