Sarah Rebecca Lash
Sarah Lash graduated from Gordon
College in Wenham, MA on May 14,
2005 with a degree in Biology.  See
the graduation pictures below.
Sarah Lash is the daughter of my
sister and brother-in-law,
Lorraine and Stephen Lash.  
Sarah makes friends with Moose Meadow
Dain-Te Miss.
Sarah takes Echo for a relaxing jaunt
through the fields.  Echo is a quiet gelding
who was once used in a lesson program.  
Rachel Lash and my sister, Lorraine
Lash.  Rachel is the oldest of the four
children.  She graduated from St.
Joseph's College in 2003 with a degree
in education.
Mike and Isaac Lash leave Waldoboro
at 6:10 a.m.  It is still cold so Mike
will wait to dress up a bit.
Mike and Isaac arrive early in
Wenham, MA and wait to find other
family members.
Sarah and her grandmother, Lucille Lash.  
Don't be confused - there are two wonderful
ladies named Lucille Lash in the family!
Some faculty begin to assemble
The crowd is starting to arrive
Isaac has joined the group.  Now all the siblings
are together.
Sarah with Hannah Lash and Rachel Lash
Chatting with family and friends
Sarah and a friend
Oops!  Mike locks his keys in the truck.  
The blossoms in Massachusetts are
definitely ahead of the blossoms in Maine.
Flash and Sarah.  We bought Flash sight
unseen and eventually gave him to David
Sproul.  David trained him for harness
and later sold him.  He was used as a
reliable hunter pony for small children.
A visit to Flash's home.  Sarah was delighted
about the reunion with Flash when she applied for
a job in a local barn.
Flash is enjoying some tender grass.  Mike
was impressed with the unbelievable stone
fence which surrounds this pasture.
I have no greater joy than to hear that my children
walk in truth.                   -III John 1:4