This page was last
updated on March
11, 2006.    
Venus is a little grade mare who was
purchased at Hemphill's in 1993. She is one
of the most popular ponies on the farm. She
has participated in horseshows, parades, and
a petting zoo. She has even "clip-clopped" the
halls of a nursing home to visit patients. On
four occasions, Venus has spent time at other
homes as a companion for orphaned or
rejected foals.
Venus with Micah Ludwig.
Venus with Laura Briggs and
Micah Ludwig.
Lorraine Lash driving Venus at a Clinton
Lions' Club Horseshow.
So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts
unto wisdom.
                                                      -Psalm 90:12
Venus was laid to rest on
January 14, 2006.  We cannot
adequately describe the joy
she brought to so many lives.